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Are you tired of the mediocre camera quality on your Android device? Look no further than Google Camera, or GCAM, the powerful and user-friendly camera app from Google. In this article, we’ll dive into what makes GCAM the best camera app for Android, and how you can download and use it on your device. So download from here and enjoy with the features galley of GCAM APK.

What is Google Camera (GCAM)?

Google created Google Camera, sometimes known as GCAM, as a camera app for its Pixel range of devices. It was first announced for the Google Nexus 5 in 2014, and it was then made available for additional Google devices. Utilising the sophisticated camera hardware and software features of Pixel smartphones, the programme was created to take high-resolution pictures and movies. To create photographs with an expanded dynamic range, greater low-light performance, and more detail, the app leverages Google’s proprietary image processing techniques, including HDR+ and Night Sight.

The Google Camera app differs from other camera programmes in a number of ways. High Dynamic Range (HDR+) is one of the most well-liked capabilities, using several frames to capture a greater range of bright and dark elements in a single photo. As a result, low-light images have wider dynamic range and fewer noise. Another well-liked feature is Night Sight, which makes advantage of computational photography and extended exposure to take well-exposed, crisp pictures even in dim lighting.

Super Res Zoom, another function of Google Camera, employs machine learning to create clear photographs even when zoomed in without losing much detail. Another well-liked function is portrait mode, which sharpens the subject while blurring the backdrop to provide a narrow depth of focus. A function called Lens Blur also exists, and it mimics the look of a wide-aperture lens to enable you to take pictures with a shallow depth of field.

Google Camera boasts a clear and uncomplicated UI in addition to its amazing camera functions. Since it is user-friendly, people may easily access and use its capabilities. The app is also available for free on the Google Play Store, making it accessible to anyone with a compatible device.

Due to its advanced camera features and image processing algorithms, Google Camera has gained popularity among Android users. However, since it is designed specifically for Google Pixel hardware, some features may not work as well on non-Pixel devices. Nonetheless, the app can be ported to other Android devices, providing users with access to Google’s advanced camera features even if their device does not have a Pixel camera. Overall, Google Camera is a powerful camera app that offers excellent photo and video quality, making it a popular choice among smartphone users.


NameGoogle Camera (GCam) APK
Version v8.8.224 (Latest)
Size320 MB
RequiresAndroid 5.0+
DeveloperGoogle LLC
Available onPlay Store
Last Update1 day ago

What is GCam APK Port?

The Google Camera (GCam) application has been updated and transferred to function on a variety of Android handsets under the name “GCam APK Port.” Only the Pixel range of devices from Google are compatible with the original GCam app. However, many Android users desire to utilise the app on their smartphones because of its sophisticated camera functionality and image processing capabilities. Because of this, programmers have ported the software to run on different Android devices.

Independent developers usually create the GCam APK Port, which alters the original app to make it work on non-Pixel devices. They alter the programme to function with the unique hardware and operating system setup of various Android smartphones. In order for additional users to download and install these modified versions of the programme on their smartphones, they are then shared on different online platforms and forums, such as XDA Developers.

All of the sophisticated camera functions included in the original GCam app, including as Night Sight, Astrophotography, HDR+, Portrait mode, and Google Lens integration, are normally included in the GCam APK Port. The patched programme could occasionally even come with more features or customizability choices.

You should be aware that not all GCam APK Ports are reliable or appropriate for use with every Android device. The hardware and software setup of the device may have an impact on performance and compatibility. Before downloading and installing a certain GCam port, it is always advised to make sure that it is compatible with your device.

To summarise, the GCam APK Port is a modified version of the Google Camera app that has been transferred to function on Android smartphones without Pixels. It provides sophisticated camera functions and image processing capabilities not seen in the majority of Android camera apps. Users should take precautions while downloading and installing GCam ports, though, and make sure they are doing it from a reliable source to prevent any security threats.

Why Use Google Camera (GCAM)?

The well-known camera software GCAM, sometimes known as Google Camera, was created by Google for Android handsets. It provides a number of cutting-edge capabilities not seen in the default camera software that comes with the majority of Android handsets.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using GCAM:

  • Improved image processing: GCAM employs sophisticated algorithms to process photographs, producing clearer, more detailed, and better-balanced images as a consequence. This is especially apparent in low-light situations when GCAM can collect more light and generate sharper, noise-free photographs.
  • Portrait mode: GCAM has a portrait mode option that may provide a narrow depth of field, blurring the backdrop while keeping the subject in focus. This may result in breathtaking portrait photos that are on par with those made with a professional camera.
  • Night Sight: With Night Sight, a GCAM function, images taken in low light can be brighter and clearer without the use of a flash since more light is being captured by the camera’s sophisticated algorithms. This is especially helpful for taking pictures in dimly lit areas, such inside or during the night.
  • High Dynamic Range Plus (HDR+): GCAM’s HDR+ function aims to capture more detail in both bright and dark portions of a photograph, producing a more even and realistic-looking image. When photographing high-contrast images, such as backlit sceneries or sunsets, this can be especially helpful.
  • Lens Blur: Using the Lens Blur function of GCAM, you may get a blurred backdrop appearance that resembles that produced by a DSLR camera. This can be helpful for taking creative photos or for drawing attention to the photo’s topic.
  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive GCAM’s user interface makes it simple for anybody to use. For more experienced users, the software also provides a variety of manual adjustments, such focus and exposure.

How to Download and Install Google Camera (GCAM)

Google Camera, also known as GCam, is a camera application developed by Google for their Pixel series smartphones. It offers advanced camera features and image processing algorithms that can produce high-quality photos and videos. However, it is not available for all Android devices by default, and users need to download and install it manually.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to download and install Google Camera on your Android device:

Step 1: Check your device’s compatibility
Google Camera is not compatible with all Android smartphones. By conducting an online search or installing the Camera Compatibility Checker app from the Google Play Store, you may determine whether your smartphone is compatible.

Step 2: Download the APK file
You may get the Google Camera APK file from a number of places, such as APKMirror, XDA Developers, or Google Drive. Ensure that you get the most recent version that is appropriate for your device.

Step 3: Enable Unknown Sources
You must turn on the Unknown Sources setting in your device’s settings before installing the APK file. With this option, applications from stores other than the Google Play Store may be installed.

To enable Unknown Sources, go to Settings > Security (or Privacy) > Unknown Sources, and toggle the switch to the on position.

Step 4: Install the APK file
Open the file management app on your smartphone and look for the APK file once it has been downloaded. To begin the installation procedure, tap on the file. To finish the installation, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Step 5: Grant permissions
Open the Google Camera application after the installation is complete. You can be asked to authorise access to the camera and storage, among other permissions. Give the programme all permission it needs to function correctly.

Step 6: Configure settings
You may customise the Google Camera app’s settings to meet your needs. To reach the settings menu, open the app and touch on the settings icon (gear symbol). Adjustable options include HDR and Night Sight.

In conclusion, downloading and installing Google Camera on your Android device can enhance the camera capabilities and produce high-quality photos and videos. However, it’s important to download the APK file from a trusted source and ensure compatibility with your device.

📷Popular Google Camera Ports

Google Camera (GCam) is a camera application developed by Google for its Pixel series of smartphones. However, due to its impressive image processing capabilities and features such as Night Sight and Astrophotography, it has become popular among users of other Android smartphones as well. This has led to developers porting the GCam app to other Android devices. Here are some of the popular GCam ports:

  • Arnova8G2’s GCam: One of the most well-liked GCam ports is Arnova8G2’s, and it works with a variety of Android devices. On the XDA Developers forum, the developer behind it goes by the handle Arnova8G2.
  • BSG’s GCam: BSG’s GCam: On the XDA Developers forum, a developer who goes by the handle BSG is responsible for another well-liked GCam version. Additionally, this version works with a variety of Android devices.
  • Urnyx05’s GCam: Another well-liked GCam port is Urnyx05’s GCam, which is renowned for its consistent performance and adaptability to a variety of Android devices. It is created by a developer known on the XDA Developers forum as Urnyx05.
  • Nikita’s GCam: This GCam port was created by a developer known on the XDA Developers forum as Nikita, and is well known for working with OnePlus devices.
  • San1ty’s GCam: The creator of this GCam version, known as San1ty on the XDA Developers forum, created it so that it would work with Samsung cellphones.

It’s vital to keep in mind that not all GCam ports work with Android smartphones, and compatibility may vary depending on the hardware and software setup of the device. Before installing any GCam port on your device, it is always advised to consult the XDA Developers forum or other reliable sources.

Why is Google Camera so popular?

Due to its sophisticated camera functionality and image processing skills, Google Camera (GCam) has become incredibly popular among owners of Android smartphones. Some of the explanations for its rise to fame are as follows:

  • Night Sight: Users of GCam’s Night Sight function may take beautiful pictures in dim lighting. To generate a well-lit and detailed image, it merges many photos using sophisticated algorithms.
  • Astrophotography: Users of GCam’s Astrophotography function may take beautiful pictures of the Milky Way, planets, stars, and other objects in the night sky. It takes clean, detailed pictures of the night sky using long exposures and cutting-edge image processing methods.
  • HDR+: With the help of GCam’s HDR+ technology, many photos taken at various exposures are combined to produce a picture with a high level of dynamic range and detail.
  • Google Lens integration: Advanced machine learning techniques are used by GCam’s Portrait mode to take beautiful portrait photographs with a blurred backdrop that highlight the person.
  • User interface: Google Lens, a potent image recognition technology that can recognise objects, landmarks, and text in pictures, is linked with GCam.

The user interface of GCam is clear and straightforward, making it simple for users to access and utilise its sophisticated capabilities.

Overall, GCam has become a well-liked option among Android smartphone users who wish to take high-quality images and movies because to its comprehensive camera functions, image processing capabilities, and user-friendly UI.


Is GCAM safe to use?

Yes, GCAM is safe to use as long as you download it from a trusted source and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Will GCAM work on my device?

There are many different versions of GCAM available, each designed to work with specific devices and versions of Android. Make sure you find the right version for your device before downloading.

How do I switch between camera modes in GCAM?

To switch between camera modes in GCAM, simply swipe left or right on the camera interface.

Can I use GCAM to take RAW photos?

Yes, GCAM has a feature that allows you to capture RAW photos. You can enable this feature in the app’s settings.

Can I use GCAM on an iPhone or iPad?

No, GCAM is only available for Android devices.


A modified version of the official Google Camera software called Google Camera (GCAM) APK may be downloaded and installed on Android devices. Because it extends the capabilities of the most recent Google Pixel smartphones to older Android handsets, it is well-liked by consumers.

The usage of the APK version of GCAM might violate the device’s warranty because it is not officially approved by Google. Users have noted considerable camera performance improvements, though, including greater image quality, low-light shooting, and portrait mode.

Depending on the device type and software version, several GCAM APKs are available, some of which may have compatibility problems or defects. Users should be aware of the hazards and only download GCAM APKs from reputable websites.

In conclusion, GCAM APK offers an alternative camera app that can enhance the photography capabilities of Android devices, but users should be cautious and informed about the risks and limitations.

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